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Well it's not much really, but at this point something is better than nothing.  

“Son you sure ya even know how to operate one of those things?”


 “Look I’ve seen the Engineer and a few of the other guys handle this thing, it can’t be that hard.”


 “Oh just like how well you handle that fancy high tech rifle of yours?”


“Okay you know what, how about you and that Aussie prick go and get fucked by a Tentaspy.  I know how to fucking use a goddamn sniper rifle, someone keeps screwing with the damn thing when I’m not looking!”


 “Hmph, maybe if you took to the time to properly train, instead of hiding behind excuses, you would actually be a decent sniper you pitiful blue tinted maggot!”


“Oh yeah well let’s just see how good of a shot I am when after I shove my gun up your-”


“Alright ladies that’s enough.  As much as I would love to see you kill one another for my amusement, we still gotta get this thing up and running.  The author already wasted enough time just trying to get started and I ain’t about to let that happen again.”


“Wow Sarge I’m kinda surprised.  I didn’t think you really cared about this little project.”


“Of course I do!  Do you have any Godly idea how many times I’ve had to pass up on killing Grif because that lazy bastard can’t make up his mind?!  It’s maddening I tell you!”


“I should have known better…”


“Typical, as always you put your petty hatred for one maggot above more important things!  If I had been in charge of this project we would have been finished hours ago!”


“Come on, like you haven’t wanted to kill him since day one of meeting him right?”


“…Well I ah…”


“Heh thought so!”


“Hey guys?  Yeah shut up, I almost got this thing working.”


“Good let’s hurry this up and call it day.  I got some orange juice to make… heh heh heh”

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